Thursday, 25 February 2016

Castle, the TV series

Castle is a series of police, comedy and drama.

-Richard Castle: Famous writer. He is fun, childish and funny.
-Alexis: Castle's daughter, a very intelligent student.
-Marta: Castle's mother and she is dedicated to the theatre.
-Kate Becket: Inspector of the commissioner 12, Castle's girlfriend.
-Kevin Ryan: Inspector of the commissioner 12, and Kate's, Castle's and Javi's partner.
-Javier Exposito: Inspector of the commissioner 12 and Kate's, Castle's and Kevin's partner.
-Ray Montgomery: Captain and boss of the commissioner 12.


Richard Castle is a famous writer in New York City. He lives with his daughter, called Alexis, and his mum, Marta. Castle writes books about assassinations, thriller and intrigue. In his last novel, he killed the protagonist and then he remains uninspired. As he has many contacts, he decides to talk with the person in charge of the police station 12 so he can be inspired in his books. There, he meets inspectors Kevin Ryan and Javier Exposito, the inspector Kate Becket and the captain Ray Montgomery. As time goes by, he loves Becket, and she likes him, but Kate refuses to tell him. She is scared, she is afraid of his rejection. From that moment, both keep their love in secret, until one day she is shot in the chest and as he is afraid of losing her, he confesses. After that day, they choose to be together and she goes to live with his mother and daughter. Both solve assassinations.

Laura S. C.
3r ESO B

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