Thursday, 23 March 2017

The Olympic Gods in Ancient Greece

In the Antic Greece, the Olympic gods were the most important gods in the Mount Olympus. I think that their stories and powers are very interesting, so I am going to explain to you some characteristics about each god. As there are a lot of gods and goddess, I will explain a little bit about six of them.

Hera: Queen of the gods and goddess of the marriage and the family. She is  Chrono and Rea’s daughter. She is Zeus’s sister and is married to him.

Zeus: He was the “king” of the Mount Olympus. He is the king of the gods. He is the god of the sky and the thunder. He is Chrono and Rea’s son. His wife is Hera, but he had a lot of lovers.

Athena: She is the goddess of the wisdom, the crafts, the defence and the strategic war. She’s Zeus and Metis’ daughter .

Poseidon: He’s a very famous god. He’s the king of the earthquakes, the seas and the horses. He’s a half son of Chrono and Rea. He’s married with Amphitrite.

Aphrodite: Goddess of the love, beauty and desire. She’s daughter of Zeus and Dione, born of the foam of the sea. She’s married with Hephaestus, but she had a lot of lovers, in special, Ares.
Andrea P. P.
4th ESO A

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