Thursday, 28 January 2016

The Divergent Series

Divergent are a series of books which talk about humanity becoming extinct, because of the many wars which happened in the past. The society decided to divide Chicago into 5 fractions, searching for peace. These fractions include:
Abnegation which is the fraction that values the needs of others above the needs of their own. The members of this fraction take over the public services in the city.
Erudite members are extremely intelligent and according to the rules of the fraction, It is dictated that a fraction member must wear at least one blue piece of clothing.
Dauntless are considered to be the strong soldiers of the fractions. Dauntless are those who are brave. They strive to become courageous and indestructible. The Dauntless are those who guard the city making sure no one gets in or out, and are the best soldiers. The Dauntless symbolic colour is black.
Amity members value peace and harmony and are dressed in red and yellow.
Candor members value honesty above all else and they can be recognized from their black and white clothing.
At the age of 16 the teenagers must choose one of the fractions. If they choose a different fraction to their parents, they are prepared to never see them again. After they choose their fractions, they must make the “initiation” which is a series of actions which state whether you are able to be a part of this fractions or whether you are thrown out of it.
Beatrice’s family is from abnegation but she don’t know if she is so altruist to being a member of abnegation her whole life. Beatrice's decision will change everything.

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