Thursday, 28 January 2016

Peruvian Delights

Peru is known for its famous food. There is one that stands out above the others in this large group. It is ceviche:

It's the national dish of Perú. It was created for the fishermen and it is based on fish. They used it as an alternative to eating parts of their catch for many days at sea. The ceviche, often written "cebiche" is prepared with fish with lemon and acid using fire. This food is becoming very popular and it is gaining many fans.

And what better to company it with than...PISCO SOUR:

This Peruvian cocktail is usually drunk as an appetizer before meals.

It is a cocktail prepared with pisco and lemon juice (pisco: grape brandy and sour: family of cocktails with lemon in its creation).

It is included in the cuisines from Perú and Chile.

Nickole P. M.
4t ESO B

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