Sunday, 17 January 2016

"Beautiful Disaster", the book

Beautiful Disaster is a trilogy of books. The first book is explained from the point of view of Abby Abernathy, one of the protagonists; the second is the same story from the point of view of Travis Maddox, other protagonist and the third is an extension of the prologue from the point of view of both.
Abby is a good student who has gone along with her best friend, America Mason, to study at University avoiding her past. She falls in love with Travis Maddox, a bad boy. When he was a child his mother died, now he works at night in illegal fights. He has a past similar to Abby's and for that reason she tries to avoid him. But Travis cousin's, Shepley, is America’s boyfriend and, when the plumbs of their university don’t work, Abby and America are forced to move to Shepley and Travis’ floor, where all become very good friends.

The book is very interesting with some unexpected twists and with a beautiful story.

Cristina G. L.
3r ESO B

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