Sunday, 6 December 2015

The End of the 1st Term

Hi bloggers!!

We are near the end of the term. How have you been doing during the term? Are you afraid of the marks or are you happy?  For me, it has been a term that has happened very fast and I think I will not fail any subject and I will have good marks. I hope that have the same.
But before the term is over, there’s the long weekend (Puente) so we finish the term with a four-day weekend. In Spain, it’s the anniversary of the Spanish Constitution of 1975 (December 6) and the Mary’s Immaculate (December 8).


Have you got some plans for this weekend?? I haven’t got any plan and I won’t do anything. Surely, I will be at home in bed or/and playing with the play... But I think, you will have a plan and I hope you won’t be bored.
Be good, especially to enjoy this weekend and, rest and prepare well for the second term.

Bye bye, see you soon!!

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