Thursday, 17 December 2015

Hawai Five-0

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Hawaii 5-0 is my favourite TV series, the story talks about Steve McGarret who was a marine.

One day in a mission, a murderer killed his father, and when he returned to Hawaii, he couldn't find the killer. So he decided to take revenge on him. But, at the same time, the governor wants him to create a special unit called Five-0.

Steve accepts the offer and creates this unit with four policemen.

In my opinion, it is a tv series of action but some scenes are humorous and funny with Steve and Daniel (Danno). In each episode, we will gradually discover who the murderer is, so, when you begin to watch it, it is difficult to stop.

 I recommend this TV series to people who like the series of action, adventure and humor.

Yun Lin Chi
3r ESO B

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