Friday, 30 October 2015

The Hunger Games

Hi bloggers!!

If I had to talk or recommend something for this blog, I would talk to you about the books and movies of Hunger Games. In this trilogy, “the Hunger Games” are an annual televised event where the Capitol, randomly selects one boy and one girl. They can be between 12 to 18, from each of the 12 districts. Each one of them has to try to kill his/her “partners” because just one can win. The winner wins a new house for himself and his family with food, fame and money.

I really want to invite you to read and see the books and films, in this order because the book has lots of extra things that you can’t forget!
I take this opportunity to tell you that the last film will be released on November 20th in United States but on November 27th in Spain.

Here you have the books’ cover page!

Aina L. P. 3r ESO A

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