Thursday, 4 December 2014

Physical Education lessons for Primary students (2)

“Last Monday we prepared a class of Physical Education for students in 2nd Primary. This is a project that we have to prepare for our class of Physical Education, and the objective is to show that cooperation makes them improve. In the class, we played 4 games that required that all the students work together to win something, if they didn’t work together and worked individually, they lost. We played games like one team catches the other like a food change and they had to carry one child in a mat and they had to move it. After this class, they were very happy and they had fun and worked together during one hour!! These experiences should happen more than once!”

(Noelia Aguado,  Erika Jadan, Alejandro Juárez, Raúl Pina, Marc Prat, Lidia Sanchís, Juan Sosa, Núria Varas, Xavi Wohlfart)

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