Thursday, 27 November 2014

Physical Education lessons for Primary students

Last Friday we leadered a class of Physical Education for the students in 2nd Primary. This is a project that we have to prepare for our teacher, and the project is associated with jumping. In the class, all of us enjoyed doing exercises with them. We have prepared a lot of activities like jumping with one foot, jumps running, races, circuits…When we started the class, the children must run a little bit, and at the end too. And then they practised the activities that we have prepared for them. 
This is an exciting experience, and we learn a lot doing that class.

(Clara Fariñas, Clàudia Perelló, Laura Herrera, Jaime Armesto, Laura Peña, Jordi Salgado, Ethan Segura, Carlos Lazo and Erik Galera)

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