Sunday, 9 November 2014


We celebrated Halloween in English classes last week. We watched a video about the origins of this festivity and later the students had to finish a scary story. Here you have some examples:

"I think we'll have to spend the night in that old house and wait till morning," I said.
My friends didn't think it was a good idea, but they were cold and wet, so they agreed. We walked up the old wooden steps to the front door. The door creaked open and we went inside, sat down, and started to eat a chocolate bar, when..."


"...suddenly the telephone rang. I got up and I started looking for it. But when I got into a very strange room, with a lot of things covered with sheets, I saw a light behind me and I also heard footsteps. I was very nervous and my heart was beating quickly. I listened to all my friends screaming  and when I turned, a skeleton was running trying to catch Carla. I didn't know what to do and my only idea was to hide under the bed and try to call the police or our parents, while Laia and Ariadna were trying to follow the skeleton and then lock it up into a room."

4th A ESO

"...we saw a skeleton running inside the house, we screamed very loudly and we went up to the other floor. When we were on the second floor, we hid under the bed, but we heard footsteps getting closer. We all were in silence but my friend's telephone rang, she took it and it was her mother that said we had to follow the light. When we went out of the bed, we saw a light, and when we arrived at the door, our parents were there. It was just a joke."

4th A ESO

"...the telephone rang, I was scared and my friends were nervous. I stood up and walked slowly to answer the telephone. I saw a light outside the house. In that moment, I screamed and we hid under the bed. Five minutes later, I went out and I saw a skeleton that was running in the garden of the house. We were very scared, the fear controlled us. We wanted to go out the house and when we were going to open the door, we heard footsteps behind us. I saw a shadow and it came to me, then I ran quickly. This shadow was the owner of the house. He was an old  person. Suddenly, he started to fall slowly and behind him, it was the skeleton with a sword covered with the blood of the oldman."

3rd A ESO

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