Friday, 3 June 2016

Did I Mention, I Love You?, by Estell Maskame

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Here you have the synopsis of the book Love You, by Estelle Maskame.

Eden lives with his mother in Portland, is 16 years old. Three years ago his father left his mother divorced, and went to live with another woman to Santa Monica, Los Angeles.

 One day, Eden gets a call from his father to spend the summer in Los Angeles with his new wife and three stepbrothers, but she agrees to go and see them. She especially wants to visit Southern California.

 That's when he meets his new half-brother Tyler. He is 17 years and he goes out to parties, he gets drunk and takes drugs. Eden is tired of Tyler’s behaviour to her and to others, and they argue, and in this argument appears the first kiss between them. Eden wants to forget that mistake but Tyler wants to remember again. In that moment, their love story begins but it is rather complicated not only because they are brothers but because Tyler has a girlfriend and is one of  Eden’s friends in Santa Monica.

Pamela Q. R.
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