Friday, 11 March 2016

The Walking Dead

Hi bloggers! One of my favourite TV series is The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead is a series horror drama developed by Frank Darabont, based on a comic by Robert Kirkman. Rick Grimes is the protagonist of the series who awakens from coma after being shot by zombies. Rick wants to reunite with his family and when he found them, he became the leader of a group of survivors. Together they need to survive with the zombies and other people who want to kill them or steal their things. There are 6 seasons and 77 episodes. In all the seasons always there is always a problem and they need to protect themselves and try not to die.

1 Season: Rick Grimes found his wife and son and he became the leader of the group.
2 Season: The group found a farm with others survivors and they stay in the farm.
3 Season: When they leave the farm, and they survive an entire winter without a refuge, Rick and Daryl found a prison really safe.
4 Season: In the prison there is a disease and people died because of that and they met the governor of a town who is really a bad guy.
5 Season: When they need to leave the prison, they found a "safe place" which is called Terminus but it resulted to be a trap and the group separates
6 Season: They found a town called Alexandria and all the group stayed there with other people.


-Rick Grimes
-Carl Grimes
-Daryl Dixon
-Gleen Rhee
-Maggie Greene
-Carol Peletier

Andrea C. di P.
3r ESO B

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