Sunday, 10 May 2015


The students of 3rd ESO have been talking about the environment in English classes. These are some of their comments:

"I think recycling is a very important action for the Earth, because nowadays, we generate a lot of pollution and waste, and we must do something to help our world. If we don't recycle, the world won't live a lot of years more in good conditions. The sky will become grey, people will be ill all the time and we wont' know life as we know now. But with a little action, that you can do yourself, you can contribute to save our world."

3rd A ESO

"I think recycling is the best way to help our planet and to even help ourselves to take care of the place we are living in.
Everyone can help by just doing little things everyday, such as putting the bottles or useless things in the recycling bins, so they can be transformed into other new products.
It's in our hands to change the world!!"

3rd B ESO

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